About Me

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Terrance Johnson and I’ve been an Information Technology professional for well over a decade. I’m currently a Solutions Architect for a health care company in the DFW area. I currently specialize in VMware, Microsoft and DevOps solutions.  I hold several industry-recognized certifications to support my areas of expertise. I’ve been blessed to work with some great people over the years that have helped me tremendously in my career and I want to sincerely thank everyone who has been with me at some point throughout this journey.

So, why have this blog? This blog, like many internet IT blogs is to help IT professionals like myself figure out issues when we just don’t have the answers. This blog heavily emphasizes PowerShell scripting as it has become my tool of choice for automating many tasks, and in my humble opinion efficiency means everything in all things. While I may choose to expand the technologies discussed in this blog, the core focus will be VMware and Microsoft solutions. Thanks again for visiting and I hope I’m able to help someone find a solution to that problem or task that’s just a headache to figure out.